• M.Med (CTS)

The department offers an M.Med degree in Cardiothoracic Surgery. The field encompasses surgical treatment of diseases of the chest and is traditionally divided in at least three sub-specialties, namely pediatric cardiac surgery, adult cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. We elected to add cardiothoracic intensive care as a fourth field.

The primary and intermediary parts are completed before a five semester modular course in cardiothoracic surgery, compliant with the European Board Examinations requirement, is presented. Six monthly formal evaluations take place in the form of a theoretical and practical evaluation.

Regular Wet lab training in cardiac procedures takes plays in an organized and supervised way to complement practical surgical training.

We are dedicated to produce surgeons that have adequate surgical exposure and training.

All registrars participate in research projects and a dissertation or peer reviewed publication is required in addition to the final examination before the M.Med degree can be rewarded.

International exposure and exchange programs are supported.

The degree consists of the following:

Academic education which includes:

  • Basic disciplines: Anatomy, Physiology and Anatomical pathology.
  • Subsidiary disciplines: General Surgery Principles including Intensive Care and 
  • Major discipline: Cardiothoracic Surgery.

A five year residency.

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  • Perfusion Technology

The department trains clinical technologists in Perfusion Technology. Cardiovascular perfusionists operates extra-corporeal (outside of the body) circulation equipment during medical procedures where it is necessary to artificially support or temporarily replace the normal functions of the heart and lungs such as during open heart surgery. Students need to complete a National Diploma specializing in Perfusion. In order to obtain a B.Tech degree and qualify for HPCSA registration, they have to enroll for a fourth year of study at the Central University of Technology. 

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  • Post-graduate studies

 Our research personnel offers guidance on project layouts, the standardization of research protocols and study leadership for post-graduate students.


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